(ATH-LEE-SHUR A-PAR-REL). Noun. Trend influenced performance wear.

The MELD way…

You’re busy. You have a million things to do! You need to move, but you still want to look great. If this is you; Meld Apparel is for you!

Meld Apparel is designer active wear. We design with 3 main principles:

It’s shaped to give you a nice figure! Through our pattern design process, we incorporate seams that promote an hourglass shape. We use technical fabrics, engineered to provide support and a lovely line. Women feel good in our clothes- and this is why! We develop a variety of styles and lengths to suit all body shapes. Because you deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin!

Style is promoted! We incorporate trend elements into our leisure wear, because we understand that this clothing often carries you through a day. It might be great for your morning fitness; but then there’s the school run, or groceries need getting, appointments scheduled.. You will never feel under-dressed in our styles!

You deserve to look bespoke! Our designs are cut uniquely. You’ve invested in a timeless, quality piece, that will turn heads. Your discerning taste in on display, when you wear Meld Apparel.

We believe with versatility women are empowered- clothing for any time or place.  For women that do it all! From recreation, daily wear, or jet-setting apparel. You will always be practically & well-dressed in Meld Apparel!

We’re are a conscious brand, since our inception. Focusing on quality garments for a long-life, ethical working conditions of our makers, and evolving fabric choice to ensure minimal environmental impact.

‘Melding"‘ into women’s lives since 2017

“You can feel the quality as soon as you put it on! I brought one set, but I wear it all the time, as it’s easy. So I brought more.” (Sarah Co. Kerry)

“My wardrobe is full of Meld Apparel, as it’s what I spend my time in. I feel comfortable, I look styled and I’m ready for all the places I need to be , in a day, ” (Niamh. Dublin)



Ultimately it's all I ever wanted to be. Clothing was important to me, always. My mum taught me to put together a commercial pattern and I was creating my fashion world from 8 years of age. Sensibly my parents suggested a ‘real job’ to be pursued in college- so I became a Home Economics teacher. I got to sew everyday, which was my dream; but missed the creative side. So I undertook night school in Fashion Design. I’d be known by my friends for wearing my creations out- building myself from the outside in. Meld Apparel was born as a desire to create pieces for women that were both stylish and functional- this is the future of fashion in my opinion. Increasingly environmentalism is reshaping my view on this. The fashion Industry has a bad rep for its chequered history of damaging the environment and exploiting workers from poor countries. I believe its possible to make a stylish, sustainable, quality and affordable product- so everyone can make better decision for the future. I’m proud to see Meld Apparel work into women’s lives.