It is not possible to make a completely sustainable fabric.. there I said it!

No matter the fabric, there will also be impacts on the environment and the people that farm and produce the fibre.  

Meld Apparel commits to scrutinising impacts and making fabric choices that minimise these impacts, as much as possible.  We also will evolve to new fabric technologies to ensure we use fabrics that have the most minimised impacts, without sacrificing essential technical characteristics. 

We choose fabrics, that are:

- Certified Organic.  This means that they have been ecologically produced without chemicals. 
- Certified Recycled. This means that these man-made fabrics are made from waste plastics.  Not generated from virgin sources, depleating natural resources. 
- Sustainably farmed. Some fabrics, like bamboo, grow very well without the use of pesticides. However the process to make that plant a fibre necessitates the use of chemicals.  As such these fibres cannot be organic, through they come from ecologically sound processes. 


We are working on 'closing the loop' which in time will allow Meld customers that ability to return their used clothes to us, for us to remanufacture into new garments.  Avoiding waste.