Our 2022 sustainability campaign for our eco-conscious customers!

For 2022, we’ve decided we're OUT with the pressure to run-20k-and-eat-only-a-stick-of-celery-a-day vibe, and IN with the small-changes-for-bettering-our-planet vibe! Our #MeldForThePlanet campaign will initially run till summer 2022, highlighting small changes we can make collectively to help make the planet a nicer place to live. We're all about 'every little helps', and in addition, we'll be donating to a different Irish environmental charity every month. 

Vita Ireland charity work

Source: https://vitaimpact.org/about-us/

This month we're focusing on Carbon Footprint in partnership with Vita Ireland.

Vita's goal is to facilitate thriving rural climate-smart economies in Africa with access to services, markets and livelihoods for all.

We have been working with Vita for the past year to neutralise carbon on our collections. This means our products are not contributing to the climate emergency whilst helping people to better lives & we think that's PRETTY AH-MAZING!! We'll be bringing you along with us while talking to exciting industry leaders about what we can do to help.

So today we're asking you to join us on this journey, and whenever you make a positive choice for the environment - whether it's simply picking up a bit of rubbish or choosing to shop local - TAG US! and use the hashtag #pledgefortheplanet. We want to create a positive movement to inspire change and hope for our future.




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January 10, 2022 — Laura Egan